It was a few years of waiting but it was an exhilarating period for each of us .

And it is finally tomorrow that we would be witnessing the Kochi Metro commencing its service.

It was sheer happiness to see the pace at which the metro work was going on, 24*7 without any interruption, as we went around the city during these years.

Sincere thanks to the workers who worked day in and out to make this project reach its completion on time.

To the very little inconveniences caused during the project we didn’t mind putting up with you.

It was during my first year of graduation in 2013 that the Metro works began and ever since then I had been eagerly looking forward to its completion because it was certain that it would change the face of ‘Nammude Kochi’.

Something new, something unique was introduced almost every day by KMRL and each time we came to know about it, it just added to our sense of happiness and pride.

They have been making headlines for all the right reasons. And we are so proud of them.

From hiring individuals from the transgender community, employing 7 women as loco pilots, ensuring no special reservation for women , providing work to 700 women who belong to Self-help group (Kudumbashree) and their open acknowledgment of the efforts of the migrant workers testify that through these actions Kerala’s first metro system guarantees a more inclusive society.

Apart from these there are numerous reasons why Kochi Metro stands at a different pedestal. To mention a few would be – Integrated transport model , Water metro , Non-Motorised Transport , One Ticket many journeys scheme , Automatic Fare Collection system, Kochi one app, Themed stations , Green Kochi drive , Adopt a tree scheme , Made in India coaches , Communication Based Train Control and Regenerative breaks .

Glimpses of KMRL’s sweet gestures towards their workers 

sadya4-1Kochi Metro thanks migrant workers with ‘traditional sadhya’

7Metro workers writing their messages in their own languages .

kochi-metro-workers_650x400_41497518063Dance party for the workers who were associated with Kochi Metro for the past four years .

But what came as a disappointment was that India’s Metro man, E Sreedharan, was not at first counted among those who were to be present during the inauguration of Kochi Metro on saturday.

To this he said he has no complaints, and “feels no heaviness”.

And it was only a day or two back that the Prime Minister’s Office finally sent him an official invite to the inauguration event which is to take place at Kaloor stadium in Kochi tomorrow.

Apparently a delayed invite to an event that could not have been possible if he had not endowed his confidence and vision in making this project a success and also completing it with such brilliance.

But this morning I came across this picture and it did turn me off.


No matter who counts or not 

No matter who invites or not 

No matter who acknowledges or not 

He is the man and we are so proud of him . 


PS:  Thanks Bini for reminding me it had been long since I shared something here.


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s dawn would end our long waiting!

  1. Reblogged this on The Written Word Matters and commented:
    Yes, it is happening, finally. After living here for more than 4 years and witnessing how each brick, mortar and rail line found its way to where it stands, owing primarily to the visionaries such as Dr E Sreedharan, and of course, to the hardwork and sinews of each and every worker, I feel immensely proud and happy.

    Please read this article by my good friend Varsha, to know a little bit more about the work culture, the ethos and the professional ethic followed in God’s own country …:-)


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